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Recent Publications

Pillars of Truth and Freedom

by Gene Van Shaar

In order to achieve exaltation we must understand two concepts: Our goal and our ability to pursue that goal. The final goal is to come to know our Father in Heaven and become one with Him. Personal agency is the key to pursuing that goal.

With ample scriptural support and references from latter-day prophets, this book addresses these vast subjects with chapters on:

  • The Ten Commandments
  • Freedom or Force
  • The Last Days
  • Salvation by Grace and Obedience
  • Knowing God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ
  • My Father and I Are One
  • The Plan of Exaltation
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Concise Harmony of the Four Gospels

New Testament Study Guide

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by Gene Van Shaar

A perfect companion to your New Testament studies, the full color Concise Harmony of the Four Gospels marks a new standard of accuracy and detail. It includes authoritative notations and cross references that will be a priceless addition to your Bible study. Using this harmony will help you understand the ministry of Christ as you have never understood it before. It is designed so that it can be carried with your scriptures. Includes LDS references.  

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The Best Of Joseph and Brigham

Compiled and edited by
Gene Van Shaar

Complementing other works about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, this unique volume includes difficult-to-find quotes from these two beloved prophets of the Restoration. Gain a profound understanding of these prophets and their teachings as you read their own words on a variety of gospel topics including love, leadership, happiness, resurrection, work and revelation. A remarkable resource for personal and classroom study, the contents of this book will delight and inspire.


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